What is a Collaborative Practice?

What is Virginia Collaborative Professionals (VaCP) and how do I join?

  • Virginia Collaborative Professionals (VaCP) is a state-wide non-profit association of attorneys, mental health, and financial professionals trained in the Collaborative Process.
    • Using the Collaborative Process, VaCP interdisciplinary teams of attorneys, coaches and
      financial neutrals offer clients support, protection, financial and legal guidance necessary to
      resolve disputes within an atmosphere of mutual respect.
    • VaCP members are dedicated to resolving family and civil matters without going to court.
    • VaCP members train extensively to provide clients a high level of skill, competence and compassion to resolve disputes without going to court.
    • VaCP Members are organized into geographic practice groups across the state of Virginia.
    • Contact a VaCP Member to learn more about VaCP  Contact a Collaborative Professional [link to the list of VaCP members]

    Our Vision is that Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice will become a Dispute Resolution ‘model of choice’ in Virginia and an influential factor in local and global peacebuilding.

    Our Mission is to engage and support VaCP Collaborative Practice Member Groups throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia in their efforts to:

    1. develop competent and confident Collaborative Practitioners; and
    2. promote Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice as a Dispute Resolution ‘model of choice’ in resolving domestic and civil disputes respectfully.

    The VaCP adopts the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Minimum Standards. Therefore, every VaCP member must demonstrate professional credentials, act in compliance with ethical standards, and carry liability insurance. In addition, members are required to undertake

    • Basic or interdisciplinary collaborative training
    • Mediation training
    • Additional training in negotiation or communication skills
    • Annual continuing education

Step 1. Click here to join IACP

  • Please include your undergraduate and graduate education. Additional education in your profession can also be listed, but is not required.
  • After you enter your basic collaborative training, please include any mediation and/or interest-based negotiation skills training, communication skills training, intermediate collaborative training, advanced collaborative training, and basic professional coach training. These can include trainings taken at any time during your career including prior to your basic collaborative training
  • Please choose a practice group of which you are a current member. If you are a member in more than one practice group, you may need to log in again to included all groups of which you are currently a member.
  • You may include your firm website for an additional charge

Step 2. Click here to join VaCP.

  • Membership dues are $125.00
  • I understand VaCP cannot activate my VaCP membership until sufficient training information is provided on my IACP Member Profile
  • You will be notified via email to confirm membership or to inform you that your application or IACP profile is missing information

FAQ for VaCP Members

You will receive an automatic email notice at 30 days and 15 days prior to the date your membership is due to expire. The emails will contain a link to the website, where you can renew online. Membership is based on anniversary date. As long as you have met the criteria as stated on the application, which includes having your IACP profile and IACP membership current, you will be able to renew your membership.

Payment for dues can be made with a check or online through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can choose the “Pay by Credit Card” option and you can pay with a credit or debit card. If you are a PayPal member, or choose to become one, you would have other options regarding the payment source.

No, PayPal is a separate company that specializes in processing payments.

Has your IACP membership lapsed? Your name on our website is linked to your IACP profile. As long as your IACP membership is active (which is a VaCP membership requirement), you will be redirected to your IACP profile when you click on your name on the “Locate a Professional” page. If you have any other problems, please send a message to either the IACP Member Services or click on the Contact Us link to send a message to the VaCP Administrator.

Only VaCP Member Groups are listed on the home page of the VaCP website. For a local practice group to be a VaCP Member Group, the practice group must require 100 percent membership in VaCP (with all members complying with all VaCP membership criteria)

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