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Barbara ter Haar, (Mental Health Professional/Mediator)

   4906 Cutshaw Avenue, Suite 101
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Professional Activities

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Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours Action
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative,professional coach training
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)


Barbara ter Haar, (Mental Health Professional/Mediator)



Many of life's challenges require us to work together with empathy and strength. During these times, I can be your Collaborative Coach or Child Specialist, providing support, learning, and growth, so that you are not alone. I have advocated for children and their families for over 30 years, serving as a catalyst for change. I experience my work as a vocation and a blessing, and would be honored to work with you.

Collaborative Practice Group Membership

Collaborative Professionals of Richmond

Collaborative Services

My clients for more than 20 years include children, adolescents, families, individuals, and couples. My diverse training enables me to serve my clients in various capacities: child specialist, parent coordinator, separation or divorce coach, marital therapist, as well as traditional therapist. I continuously explore the psychotherapy profession and expand my collaborative skills through practice, professional training, teaching co-parenting classes, and by training other practioners. Because of my life experience as a single parent, I deeply believe in this work.



LCSW (Virginia)
LCSW (Colorado) ,LCSW

Professional Activities

Virginia Society of Clinical Social Workers
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Virginia Collaborative Professionals
Collaborative Professionals of Richmond


Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
2007 Collaborative Law training level 1 & 2, Denver CO DeJong, Gutterman, McBride, Shindell, Harrinton 24
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
2009 Mediation Training, Richmond VA Commonwealth Mediation Group 30
Additional 15 hours Intermediate/ Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative, or basic professional coach training
2011 VaCP Annual Conference VaCP 4
2009 Virginia Family Law Kimberly Fauss 3
2009 Transparency in the Collaborative Process Richmond Practice group 1.5
2008 The Collaborative Process: Negotiation Skills,Team Communication and Ethical Issues Rubin, Stickley, Herrick, Hembree 5
2008 Collaborative Mental Health, Annual Legal Aid Conference I was the instructor. 2
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
2023 Trauma-Responsive Collaborative Practice (16th VaCP) 11-13-23 Dana Baerger, J.D., Ph.D. 6
2023 Trama & Divorce Practical tools for Professionals Brandyn Caires LCPC Jen Schimbeno CDF 1
2023 Narcissistic Abuse In-Depth Workshop Dr Ramani Durvasula 6.25
2023 Maintaining Appropriate Professional Boundaries: Exploring Ethical Obligations of Mental Health Professionals Kathryn S.Krase, PhD, JD, MSW 3
2023 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Certification Training Katelyn Baxter-Musser LCSW. C-DBT 20.75
2022 Understanding Full Disclosure and Transparency CPR: Stephanie Smith 1
2022 The Use of Child Specialists in the Collaborative Process VaCP Clubhouse: I was presenter with Susan Buniva, MSW, LCSW and Lynne Einhaus, Ph.D. 1
2022 Responding Ethically to Post-Covid Issues Mary Alice Fisher PhD 2
2022 Overview of the Financial Panel's Neutral Role in Collaborative Cases CPR Financial Neutrals 1
2022 Managing Challenges in the Collaborative Divorce Process: Cognitive Bias, Mental Health, High Conflict Personality Disorders, and Addictions Dr. Beth I. Wilner, Ph.D. 6
2022 Case Conference CPR 1
2021 Working with LGBTQ+ Population:Best Practices Jorden Held LCSW 3
2021 Through the Dark Wood: Finding the Meaning in the Second Half of Life James Hollis PhD 6.5
2021 Practical Assertiveness Kim Kristensen, Warrior Mediation 2
2021 Polyvagal Theory in Action: Healing the Autonomic Nervous System Stephen Porges PhD, Deb Dana LCSW 8
2021 How to Bring in the Other Side When They Resist Forrest (Woody) Mosten 2
2021 How Narcissists Affect Us: Relationships, Healing, and the Day to Day Jeffery Rutstein, PsyD 1
2021 Advanced Issues for Family Law and Dispute Resolution Professionals: Virtual Services, Parent-Child Contact Problems, Family Violence , Voice of the Child Robin Deutsch PhD, Matthew Sullivan PhD, Mindy Mitnick EdM MA, Debra Carter PhD 8
2020 Trauma-Informed Interventions in Parent-Child Contact Cases Robin Duetsch, PhD, ABPP, Leslie Drozd, PhD & Chioma Ajoku, JD, PhD 1.5
2020 Things to Consider in Handling Nulti-Nationals Family Law Cases and Cases with International Aspects CPR: Melissa Kucinski) 1
2020 The Psychological and Ethical Dimensions of Collaborative Practice David A. Hoffman, Collaborative Attorney & Mediator 6
2020 Rhetoric and Reason in Parental Alieniation Disclosure Joan Meier, JD, Madelyn Milchum, PhD & Robert Geffner, PhD 1.5
2020 Parental Alientation: False Positives and Myriad Concerns Robert Warshak, PhD 1.5
2020 Parental Alienation and Misinformation Proliferation William Bernet, MD 1.5
2020 Managing Healthcare Expenses in Retirement CPR: Tyler Dove, NorthBank Partners 1
2020 Innovative Psychojudicial Responses to Resist-Refuse Cases Francine Cyr, PhD, Karine Poitras, PhD & Elizabeth Godbout 1.5
2020 Collaborative Success Stories CPR: Sandy Cassel 1.0
2020 Acting Before it's Too Late: Prudent WEarly Intervention in Resist-Refuse Cases Lyn Greenberg, PhD, ABPP & Hon. Robert A Schnider (Ret.) 1.5
2019 What's IACP Got To Do With It? Chris Farish, JD .5
2019 Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence Dr Stacy Daughn, Psy.D. 6
2019 Transformative Power of Compassion Dr. James Doty 2
2019 Sicide and Self Harm: stopping the Pain Jack Klott, MSSA,LCSW,CSWW,Suicidologist 6.25
2019 Intermediate/Advanced Collaborative Boot Camp: Refining Skills and Deepening Team Cohesion Barbara Burr,JD Lisa Herrick PhD JD 6
2019 Ethical Principles in the Practice of Virginia Mental Health Professionals Allan Tepper J.D. PSY.D. 6.25
2019 Collaborative Boot Camp: An Experiential Day of Refining Skills and Deepening Team Cohesion (12th 11-11-19) Barbara Burr, JD & Lisa Herrick, PhD 5.5
2018 VA Legislative and Case Law Update (11th VaCP) 11-12-18 Christopher Macturk, JD 1
2018 UCLA Panel: What’s In It For Me? (11th VaCP) 11-12-18 Del. David Toscano; Robert Merlin, PA; Teresa Cole, JD; and Cathleen Rea, PhD 1.25
2018 Trial Boot Camp for Mental Health Professionals: Deconstructing a Child Custody Case Braunstein,Schepard,Serrette,Shienvold 6
2018 Trauma-Informed Reunification Therapy: Traumatized Individuals in the Family Systems Link.Colai 1.5
2018 Toward a Trauma-Responsive System of Justice: Untangling Trauma from Drama. Trauma-Informed in the Trenches Marsh,Michael 1.5
2018 Support Redux: Navigating the New Tax Laws and the Emotional Challenges They Create for Spouses (and Teams) (11th VaCP) 11-12-18 Sanford Cassel, PhD; Frank Morrison, JD; Gigi Robson, CPA, CDFA; and Paul Smollar, JD 3.25
2018 Strategies for Success: Conflict Analysis and Effective Intervention Selection Jones. Garton 1.5
2018 Protecting Ourselves & Our Clients from Identity Theft CPR: Bryant Harrison 1
2018 Preventing Contact Failure and Alienation: A Multidisciplinary Program Marcus, Joels 1.5
2018 Mindfulness Presentation CPR: Susan Warner 1
2018 Me? Why Do I Need Help? Engaging the Favored Parent in Resolving Contact Problems Judge,Polok,Garber 1.5
2018 Love Yourself First: Top 10 Financial Planning Tips CPR: Jennifer Berdell 1
2018 Intervention for Separated Families: Results and Interventions for Practice Gabrielsson,Sjolander 1.5
2018 From the Private Office: Parenting Coordination Pitfalls and Practical Applications Zuckerman, Lane 1.5
2018 From Politics to Family: Why is Everyone so Angry? Bob Woodward 1
2018 Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) evidenced based interventions for your distressed couples Kathryn Rheem, ED.D, LMFT 6.25
2018 Demystifying Borderline Personality Disorder in Family Court: Yes there's Hope Friedel, Hunter 1.5
2018 Case Conference CPR: Sandy Cassel 1
2018 A Therapeutic Model to Reduce Anxiety for Children of Separated Families Levy 1.5
2018 A Stolen Life Jaycee Dugard 1
2017 Yoga & Mindfulness: Clinical Interventions for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma Mary NurrieStearna, MSW,LCSW, C-IAYT 6.25
2017 Supporting Collaborative Clients Beyond the Elevator Speech Fauss, Cassel, Robson 6
2017 Nuts and Bolts of Reunification Therapy I was one of the instructors 4
2017 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Lucia McBee. LCSW, MPH, CYI 6.25
2017 Mindful Parenting Conference Alex Peavey, Kay Davidson 6
2017 Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Virginia Patrick J. Hurd, JD 6
2017 Creating the Conditions For Growth as We Help Clients Navigate Separation and Divorce Lisa Herrick, PhD, Kate Scharff, MSW 6
2017 Collaborative Divorce: A Model for a Win-Win Divorce I was the instructor, with Annelise Petry 2
2016 Team Challenges: Working Together to Resolve Disputes DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals 6
2016 Oppositional, Defiant, Disruptive Children & Adolescents: Non-Medicaton Approaches to the Most Challenging Behaviors Scott Walls, MA,LIPC, CCMHC 6.5
2016 Inside the Manipulators Mind: The Insider's Guide to Ending Emotional Exploitation Alan Godwin, PsyD 6.5
2016 Ethical Principles in the Practice of Virginia Mental Health Professionals Allen Tepper J.D. PsyD 6.25
2016 Effective Communication with Clients: Challenges of Bearing Bad News Marjorie C. Aaron, JD 6
2015 What is the Difference When Same Sex Couples Separate? 5 Critical Factors 16th Annual IACP Forum 1.5
2015 VACP 8th Annual meeting and training VaCP 6
2015 The Child Specialist's Value Added th Collaborative Divorce Teams IACP Annual Forum 1.5
2015 Passive Aggression, Sarcasm, Cold Anger, Hostility and Aggression: Brain Based Advances in Managing Anger W. Robert Nay, PhD 6
2015 One Coach Model for Collaborative Law Brenda Roberts LCSW 7
2015 Forgiveness in Marriage and Parenting Everett Worthington VCU 2
2015 Co-Parenting Coaching: The Next Page in the Collaborative Playbook IACP Annual Forum 1.5
2015 Building a Collaborative Relationship from Client(and Team) Strengths IACP Annual Forum 1.5
2015 21st Century Power: Principles, Practices, and Positive Social Change Dacher Keltner 1.5
2014 VaCP 7th Annual Meeting and Training 3C Institute 6
2014 Split Divorce Through Children's Eyes Richmond Collaborative Professionals 1
2014 Sex Addiction in Church and Society: Challenge and Opportunity for Clinicians and Ministry Leaders T.C. Ryan BSEd, MDiv, DMin 2
2014 Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Virginia Patrick Hurd JD 6
2014 Heal Your Heart after Grief: Help your Clients Find Peace after Break-ups, Divorce, Death, and Other Losses David Kessler 6
2014 Collaborative Process Richmond Collaborative Professionals 1
2014 Behavioral Finance for Collaborative Professioanls Richmond Collaborative Professionals 1
2014 Aptitudes and Attitudes: Developing Skills and Values within the Collaborative Community 3C Institiute 6
2014 Advanced Mindfulness: The Art of Science and Self-Compassion Tim Desmond LMFT 6.25
2013 The Motivation Resolution David Burns PhD 1
2013 Powerful Non-Defensive Communication for Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Law Sharon Strand Ellison 6
2013 Food, Mood, and Cognition Gina Willett PhD 6
2013 Effective Treatments for Anxiety and OCD Susan Osofsky LCSW 6
2013 Create Healthy Relationships Nancy Whitehurst & Barbara Lanebrown 7.5
2012 What do Cases Look Like? Financial experts CPR 1
2012 Virginia State Collaborative Professional's Annual Conference VACP 3
2012 Richmond Collaborative Professionals of Richmond retreat Group training 4
2012 Property Pitfalls is divorce Financial experts CPR 1
2012 Cultural/Systematic approaches- Family Systems Theory I was instructor 1
2012 Collaborative Road Show DCACP 3
2012 Collaborative Conversations on Support: A Model Between Fear and Fairness Richmond Collaborative Professionals 6
2012 7 Mindfulness Habits of Highly Effective Brains LCSW CEU 6
2011 Why Collaborative Practice Works Neuroscience tools and techniques Kimberly Fauss JD 6
2011 Behavior Healthcare Ethics Medical Society of Virginia 4
2010 Parent Educators Training the Trainer Supreme Court of Virginia 6
2010 Negotiating Impass in Couple's Therapy (Imago Therapy Traning) Judith Minter, LCSW 3
2010 Evaluation and Treatment of Parental Alienation Dr. Maurice Fisher, LCSW 3
2010 Creating the Collaborative Connection IACP 11th Annual Educational Forum 15
2010 Avoid Ethics Complaints and Mal-Practice Lawsuits Deborah Henson, LCWS, J.D. 6
2010 Affairs as a Catylist for Change Pinkus-Schwartz Symposium 6
2010 7th Annual Parent Educator's Symposium Supreme Court of Virginia 6
2009 Therapy with Oppressed Families Pinkus-Schwartz Symposium 6
2009 Physchology and Spirituality Albert LaChance, PhD, LADC, CAS 6
2009 Emotional Mindfulness -- Treating Anxiety and Depression Ron Frederick, PhD. 6
2008 Interdisciplinary team Collaborative Practice Intermediate Seminar Pauline Tesler 3.25
2007 Play Therapy with children and pre-adolecents Paul White, LCSW 6
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