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Paul Smollar, (Lawyer)

   1850 M Street NW, Suite 880
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Professional Activities

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Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours Action
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative,professional coach training
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)


Paul Smollar, (Lawyer)



My goal is to support spouses in resolving their marital interests and differences civilly, respectfully, with integrity and compassion, and with commitment to the well-being, both emotionally and financially, of their children and their family. I encourage spouses to take responsibility for their actions, their choices and their decisions, both throughout the divorce resolution proces itself and looking out into the future regarding their interactions between themselves and their co-parenting of their children. The Collaborative Process, I believe, offers the opportunity for transformation in the way spouses and their children will nurture, support and contribute to each other long after the divorce.

Collaborative Practice Group Membership

Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia

Collaborative Services

In Collaborative Divorce, I am a trainer with the Collaborative Practice Training Institute (CPTI) which is based in the tri-state area in the Virginia-D.C.-Maryland tri-state area. I am a presenter for one of CPTI's advanced trainings on Jumpstarting Your Collaborative Practice. I have made numerous presentations for Collaborative practice groups in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. During my 36 years of divorce practice. I have been recognized on multiple occasions by my peers in the publication, The Best Lawyers of the United States; as one of the top divorce lawyers and one of the top 100 lawyers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in the Super Lawyers magazine; as one of the top 25 divorce lawyers in the Washingtonian magazine; and as one of the top divorce lawyers in the Washington Post publication of top lawyers. I was just recognized by Best Lawyers of the United States as the Lawyer of the Year for 2012 in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore Metropolitan area in the area of Collaborative Law: Family Law.



I practice in both the District of Columbia and Virginia and am an active member of the Fairfax County Bar, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and the Family Law Section of the District of Columbia Bar. ,J.D.

Professional Activities

District of Columbia Family Law Task Force
District of Columbia Bar
Virginia Bar
Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Continuing Legal Education Lecturer for programs in D.C. Metropolitan Area
Volunteer, Vienna Women's Center
Attorney Negotiator, D.C.

Recognized by Super Lawyers 2012, 2013 and 2014 as one of the top ten lawyers in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.
Recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as on of D.C.'s top Divorce Lawyers
Recognized by The Best Lawyers in America

Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
2004 Basic Collaborative Law Training Janis Pritchard 20
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
2000 Mediation Training AAML 20
1997 Mediation Training AAML 20
Additional 15 hours Intermediate/ Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative, or basic professional coach training
2009 Jumpstart Your Collaborative Practice I was instructor 3
2009 Collaborative Models Workshop Pauline Tessler and Peggy Thompson 5
2006 Intermediate Collaborative Law Training Stu Webb and Ron Ousky 8
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
2023 Tax Considerations for Collaborative Divorce Settlements VaCP Clubhouse: Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA 1
2023 My Stomach Aches! I Can’t Go to Work Today: How Collaborative Practice and Physical and Mental Wellness Can Solve the Tummy Squabbles VaCP Clubhouse: Dillina W. Stickley, Esquire 1
2023 Introductory Collaborative Practice Training I was presenter with other CPTI trainers 15
2023 Drafting Effective Parenting Plans Lynn Hawkins 1.5
2022 What You Need to Know about Cross Border Families Melissa Kucinski, Esquire 1
2022 Understanding the 5 Conflict Modes at Play in Our Mediation and Collaborative Cases CPNV: Jonathan Kales, JD, Amy Kales, JD & Donne Colton, JD 1.5
2022 Transitioning Clients in Collaborative Divorce Michael McHugh, Esq. and Teresa Cole, Esq. 1.5
2022 They say that sex is like money (you can never get enough); but sometimes too much (spending) is enough Debbie May, CPA, CFP, CDFA and Theresa M. Mihalik, Esquire 1
2022 Targeted Tools to Resolve Complex Collaborative Impasses Carl Mitlehner, CFP, Sue Soler, LCSW, and Jennifer Bradley, JD 1.5
2022 Solid Foundations - How to build Practices and Teams That Withstand the Storms Debbie Beach, LCSW, Don Paris, CPA, MST, CDFA, and Steve Goldman, JD 1.5
2022 If You See Something, Say Something – Navigating Complex Asset Matters During the Collaborative Process Jamie Blum and Jordan Egert 1.5
2022 Divorcing your Spouse, but Staying Married to Uncle Sam Sarah Avila, CFP, CDFA 1.5
2022 Collaborative Clients: When kumbaya is not enough Barbara Burr, Esquire 1
2022 A Parent’s Mental Illness Should Not Prevent a Successful Parenting Plan Stephanie Smith, Esq. and Patrice Garver, Ph.D. 1.5
2021 Understanding Domestic Violence and the Challenges in Getting It Right Viola Vaughan-Eden, PhD, MJ, LCSW 1.5
2021 Transform Them Jonathan Foust, MA, CSA 1.5
2021 The ‘Invisible Kids’ of Divorce: When Your Parents Divorce in Your Adult Years. Lisa Herrick, PhD and Sue Soler, LCSW-C, LICSW 1
2021 NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE Barbara Burr, Esq.; Natalie Goldberg, LCSW 1.5
2021 Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training CPTI: I was one of the Trainers 15
2021 Introduction to Collaborative Law Practice I was instructor 2
2021 How to Utilize a Mental Health Professional In Collaborative Divorce CPSV: Jenny Kuszyk 1
2021 Help! I’m riding the client emotional rollercoaster, and I can’t get off! Natalie Goldberg and Barb Burr 1
2021 HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS: STRATEGIES FOR STREAMLINING COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE CPNV: Jennifer Bradley, Esq., Lynn Fetcher, Esq., Natalie Goldberg, LCSW, Jane Ochsman Rowny, CPA, CDFA 1.5
2021 Collaborating with the Enemy, with thanks to Adam Kahane Barbara Burr, Esquire 1.5
2021 CPTI Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training I was one of several instructors 15
2021 Beyond Spread Sheets and Cash Flow – A Deep Dive Into The Financial Neutral Roles As Facilitator, Mediator and Advisor Debbie May CPA, CFP, CDFA and Robin Taub J.D. 1.5
2021 The Flexible Potential of the Child Specialist Role Natalie Goldberg and Lisa Herrick 1
2021 I Say Advocate? You Say Collaborate? Let's Work the Whole Thing Out! Robin Taub, Erin Golding and Lisa Herrick 1
2020 Through The Eyes of Children Debra Nackman, Ph.D, Carol Miller, Ph.D 1
2020 The Psychological and Ethical Dimensions of Collaborative Practice David A. Hoffman, Collaborative Attorney & Mediator 6
2020 Prenups, the Collaborative Way CPNV: Michael McHugh & Lynn Fletcher 1.5
2020 Impacts During COVID-19 CPNV: Lisa Herrick, Natalie Goldberg, Sue Soler, Jennifer Bradley & Grant Moher 1.5
2020 Global Options Erin Golding, J.D. 1
2020 Divorce in the Age of Corona Barbara Burr and Debby Reiser 1.5
2020 Disclosure? Distractions? Denial? Dunno.: Addressing Full Disclosure of Ambiguous Adultery in Collaborative Divorce CPNV: Steve Goldman & David Ginsberg 1.5
2020 DCACP Monthly Meeting DCACP 1.5
2020 Cash, Covid, and Collaboration: Financial considerations for assisting your clients Jordan Egert and Jane Ochsman Rowny 1.5
2020 A Virtual Town Hall with Collaborative Pioneers Stu Webb and Ron Ousky 1.5
2019 UCLA Coming to Virginia Soon?! Karen Keyes and Teresa Cole 1.5
2019 Stu Webb Lecture - The Power of Vulnerability and Other Ironies We Must Embrace to Knit Our Social Fabric Back Together IACP Forum 1.5
2019 Out of Bounds: What Does the Team Do When Everything Goes Wrong? IACP Forum 3
2019 Exceptional Communication The Key to Connection and Resolution IACP Forum 6
2019 Examining Race and Culture in Collaborative Practice from the Inside Out IACP Forum 6
2019 Collaborative Wills and Estates: Preparing for the Wealth Transfer Tsunami IACP Forum 1.5
2019 ASD/Neuro-diversity in the Family: How to better understand the neuro-diverse adult client (and their neuro-diverse children) Jamell White, Ph.D., LCSW-C 1.5
2018 UCLA Panel: What’s In It For Me? (11th VaCP) 11-12-18 Del. David Toscano; Robert Merlin, PA; Teresa Cole, JD; and Cathleen Rea, PhD 1.25
2018 Support Redux: Navigating the New Tax Laws and the Emotional Challenges They Create for Spouses (and Teams) (11th VaCP) 11-12-18 Sanford Cassel, PhD; Frank Morrison, JD; Gigi Robson, CPA, CDFA; and Paul Smollar, JD 3.25
2017 Yoga And Mindfulness Practices For Peacemakers (IACP Annual Forum, Philadelphia, PA) Henry Yampolsky, JD, RYT 1.5
2017 The Ultimate Paradigm Shift: A Study of “The Untethered Soul” In Collaborative Practice (IACP Annual Forum, Philadelphia, PA) Deborah Brakeley, MEd RCC, Stu Webb, JD and Catherine Connor, JD 1.5
2017 Peacemaking as a Profession: One Family at a Time (IACP Annual Forum, Philadelphia, PA) Melissa Sulkowski, RN, MA, LPC, Forrest S. Mosten, Esq, Ron Ousky and David A. Hoffman, Esq. 5
2017 Mindfulness: Finding Clarity and Calm Amidst the Chaos (IACP Annual Forum, Philadelphia, PA) Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, BA, LLB 1.5
2017 Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice I was the instructor. 15
2017 Introduction to Designing and Delivering Engaging Workshops (IACP Annual Forum, Philadelphia, PA) Victoria Smith, JD, CMED, FMC 2
2017 Creating the Conditions for Growth As We Help Our Clients Navigate Separation and Divorce Lisa Herrick and Kate Scharff 6
2017 Collaborative 1-Day Training: Complexity and Protocols Victoria Smith JD, C.Med., Cert.CFM (FMC) 7
2016 Team Challenges: Working Together to Solve Disputes Nancy Cameron and Yuval Berger 8
2015 Virginia Case Law and Legislative Update for Collaborative Professional VaCP 1
2015 Sherlock Holmes, Escher, Bach: Authentic Presence & the Art of Seeing (IACP Annual Forum - Washington, DC) Shasha C. Porter, LICSW and Adriana (Summers) Galimberti-Rennie, AFBPsS 1.5
2015 Perry Mason Goes Digital: What all Collaboration Professionals Need to Know About Electronic Evidence VaCP 1.5
2015 It’s Not About You, it’s About You! Making the Paradigm Shift from Problem Solving to Empowerment (IACP Annual Forum - Washington, DC) Henry Yampolsky, JD and Craig Weiss, PhD 1.5
2015 Information Security for Collaborative Professionals VaCP 1
2015 Collaborative Divorce: Two-Day Team Training Lonnie Broussard, CFP, CFDA, Barbara Burr, Esquire, Sanford Cassel, PhD, Paul Smollar, Esquire 15
2015 Collaborative Advocacy: Achievable or an Oxymoron? (IACP Annual Forum - Washington, DC) Sue Cook, MEd, BAFN, CYC, RSW, CCC and Brian Galbraith, LLB, LLM (Candidate) 3
2015 Breaking Down Barriers to Support: How a Cohesive Collaborative Team Can Inspire New Thinking Kimberly Fauss, Esquire; Lonnie Broussard, CFP, CDFA; Adele D’Ari, Ed.D. and Paul Smollar, Esquire 6
2014 Z is for Zeitgeist: New Directions for Cutting Edge Trainers of Collaborative Professionals (IACP Annual Forum - Vancouver, BC, Canada) Anne Purcell, PhD, MEd, BEd ST Hons, Dip T, AACM 5
2014 Understanding Attachment Styles and its Application in Collaborative Divorce Cases Yuval Berger MSW, RSW and Lisa Alexander, B.A. LL.B 7
2014 Scaffolding Complex Collaborative Divorce Cases: Tools for Tackling Tough Issues (IACP Annual Forum - Vancouver, BC, Canada) Justin Sedell, JD and Karen Bonnell, ARNP, MS 3
2014 Real Learnings for the Challenges of Real World Collaborations (IACP Annual Forum - Vancouver, BC, Canada) Suzanne L. Brunsting, JD; Donna M. Maier, CDFA™ and David R. Murch, JD 1.5
2014 Making the Paradigm Shift Real: Ideas for Putting Meat on the Bones (IACP Annual Forum - Vancouver, BC, Canada) Pauline Tesler, JD 5
2014 Collaborative Practice and the Human Brain Pauline H. Tesler, JD 7
2014 Can We dance If We Aren’t in the Same Ballroom? (IACP Annual Forum - Vancouver, BC, Canada) Scott D. Clarke, CFP®, CDFA™; Julie H. Quaid, JD and Honey A. Sheff, PhD 1.5
2013 Overcoming Barriers to Settlement Nina Meierding, MS, JD 7.5
2012 Unique Approaches in Collaborative Divorce Dr. Gerald Monk, PhD, LMFT, Janice Green, JD and Kristen Algert, JD 7
2012 Collaborative Conversations on Support I was instructor 20
2012 Collaborative Conversations on Support I was instructor 8
2011 AOC Training I was instructor 20
2011 3-day Interdisciplinary Training---Northern Virginia I was instructor 20
2011 3-day Interdisciplinary Training---Chapel Hill, N.C. I was instructor 20
2010 Jumpstart Your Collaborative Practice I was instructor 2
2009 Advanced Interdisciplinary Training Susan Gamache 20
2008 Harvard Law School Negotiation Training--AAML Robert Mnookin 20
2007 Advanced Interdisciplinary Training Collaborative Divorce Team Training 20
2006 Basic Interdisciplinary Training Sue Brunsting 20
2003 Family Law Arbitration Training AAML 20
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