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Deborah Beach, (Mental Health Professional)

   405 North Washington Street, Suite 104
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Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours Action
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative,professional coach training
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)


Deborah Beach, (Mental Health Professional)



I am a mental health therapist who is committed to the health of families. I have more than 25 years experience working with individuals, families and couples with much of my practice devoted to families experiencing high conflict and divorce. As a therapist I believe my role is to help individuals and families communicate more positively and engage one another in healthy ways. I use these beliefs and skills in my work on Collaborative teams so that families can move forward more smoothly during the process of divorce. It has been very rewarding to add this field to my practice.

Collaborative Practice Group Membership

Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia

Collaborative Services

As a mental health practitioner who has worked extensively with high conflict families, I believe that healing takes time and support. I have seen families suffer the pain that the crisis of divorce can cause. I am energized to be a part of the Collaborative Divorce process and firmly believe that this process promotes healing and healthy functioning both during the divorce and in family's future.




Professional Activities

Board Member

Board Member/Mental Health Liaison for CPNV

Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
2009 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training Gamache 23
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
2008 Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills for Collaborative Professionals Judy Rubin and Frank Morrison 30
Additional 15 hours Intermediate/ Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative, or basic professional coach training
2010 The Layers of Negotiation: Finding Peace in the Process Victoria Smith, Linda Solomon 1.5
2009 Jumstarting Your Collaborative Practice and Emotional Dynamics of Collaborative Divorce Fauss, Robbins, Smoller, D\\\'Ari, Herrick, Hembree 7.5
2008 Collaborative Boot Camp: Team Training Lisa Herrick and Jamie Lapin 7
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
2024 Zealous Advocacy Stephanie Smith, Sarah Goding, Lynn Hawkins, Natalie Goldberg 1.5
2023 Trauma-Responsive Collaborative Practice (16th VaCP) 11-13-23 Dana Baerger, J.D., Ph.D. 6
2023 Drafting Effective Parenting Plans Lynn Hawkins 1.5
2022 “Collaborative Clients: When kumbaya is not enough.” Barbara Burr, Esq. 1.5
2022 Transitioning Clients in Collaborative Divorce Teresa Cole and Michael McHugh 1.5
2022 The Long and Winding Farewell: How divorce changes what we think we know about grief DCACP: Hope Edelman 4.5
2022 Solid Foundations Debbie Beach, Steve Goldman, Don Paris 1.5
2022 If You See Something, Say Something – Navigating Complex Asset Matters During the Collaborative Process CPNV: Jamie Blum & Jordan Egert 1.5
2022 Divorcing your spouse, but staying married to Uncle Sam Sarah Avila, CFP®, CDFA® 1.5
2022 A Parent’s Mental Illness Should Not Prevent a Successful Parenting Plan Stephanie Smith, JD, and Patrice Garver, MHP 1.5
2021 Understanding Domestic Violence and the Challenges of Getting it Right Viola Vaughan-Eden, PhD 1.5
2021 Transform Them Jonathan Foust 1.5
2021 The Flexible Potential of the Child Specialist Role Lisa Herrick and Natalie Goldberg 1.5
2021 No Justice, No Peace Barb Burr, Natalie Goldberg 1.5
2021 Hold On to your hats: Strategies for Streamlining Collaborative Practice Jennifer Bradley, Natalie Goldberg, Lynn Fletcher, Jane Ochsman Rowny 1.5
2021 Beyond Spreadsheets and Cash Flow Debbie May and Robin Taub 1.5
2021 Adult ADHD in Collaborative Practice Kate Scharff -
2020 Yikes-My Client is recently sober-integrating substance abuse recover into a parenting plan Natalie Goldberg and George Young 1.5
2020 The New Normal Steve Goldman, Patrice Garver 1.5
2020 The Ethical Dimensions of Collaborative Practice David Hoffman 3
2020 Pre-Nups the Collaborative Way Michael McHugh, Lynn Fletcher 1.5
2020 Impacts During COVID-19 Lisa Herrick, Natalie Goldberg, Sue Soler, Jennifer Bradley, Grant Moher 1.5
2020 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: Adapting Techniques for Collaborative Practice CPNV: Britt Rathbone, LCSW-C 3
2020 Addressing Full Disclosure of Ambiguous Adultry Steve Goldman, David Ginsberg 1.5
2019 Women and Financial Wellness Peter Gorman and Rodney Brandon 1.5
2019 Pitfalls and Best Practice in Real Estate Molly Craig 1.5
2019 Managing Difficult Clients Debbie Beach, Lisa Herrick, Debra Nackman 6
2019 Managing Client Expetations Debbie Beach, Jennifer Bradley, Caroline Girgis, Dwayne Grady 1.5
2018 Working Creatively with Conflict Debbie Beach, Debbie Nackman, Patrice Garver 2
2018 When the Family Meets the Law - 6
2018 Flexibility, Skills and Strength: Personal Training in the Collaborative Gym Lisa Herrick and Barbara Burr 3
2018 Deepening without Drowning: Accessing Hope - 6
2017 Working Creatively with Conflict-Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training Gary Friedman and Katherine Miller 40
2017 Working Creatively with Conflict Gary Friedman 40
2017 Creating the Conditions for Growth as We Help Clients Navigate Separation and Divorce Lisa Herrick and Kate Scharff 6
2017 Creating the Conditions for Growth Lisa Herrick, Kate Scharff 6
2017 AFCC Annual Conference - 17.5
2016 Counseling Clients Through Bad News Marjorie Aaron 6
2015 Creating a Child Focused Parenting Plan Under Challenging Circumstances CPTI 6
2015 Collaborative Boot Camp CPTI 6
2014 Collaborative Practice and the Human Brain Pauline Tesler, JD 8
2014 Adult Attachment Style During Separation and Divorce Yuval Berger, Lisa Alexander 6
2014 AFCC: Navigating the Waters on Shared Parenting Various AFCC 20.75
2013 Streamlining the Collaborative Process:The Collaborative Roadmap MCPC 7
2013 Overcoming Barriers to Settlement Nina Meierding, MS, JD 6
2013 Ethics Guidelines for Collaborative Practice Soler, Taub, White, May, Butler, Smollar 2
2012 Working with Mixed Orientation Couples in Collaborative Divorce McHugh, Kimberly Brooks, PhD 1.5
2012 The Infinity Loop: When the Process becomes the Conflict D\\\'Ari, Herrick, White, Smollar 1.5
2012 Team Collaboration in a Difficult Case Miller, Fletcher, Pendzich 1.5
2012 Empirical Findings Regarding Children and Divorce Herrick 1.5
2012 Coping with Anxiety and Depression through the Divorce Process David Kupfer, PhD 1.5
2011 Working with Parents on Child Related Issues During Separation or Divorce Lisa Herrick, Kate Scharff, Barbara Burr, Jan White 6
2011 Preventing Real Property Pitfalls in Divorce: Whether the House is Kept or Sold Kelly Lise Murray 1.5
2011 Navigating Emotional Currents: Delving Beneath the Surface of the Collaborative Process Lisa Herrick, Kate Scharff 3
2010 From Grievance to Agreement: Adding Forgiveness Practices to our Collaborative Toolbox Ann Buscho 6
2010 Deepening Collaborative Connections: The Spiritual Dimensions of Trust, Commitment and Competency Deborah Brakeley, Stu Webb, Peggy Thompson, Jennifer Tull 1.5
2010 Conflict De-Escalation in Collaborative Cases: Duress for Success Stephen Fabick 1.5
2010 Addiction and Narcissism in Marriage and Divorce Micki McWade 1.5
2009 The Mental Health Profession and Family Law Schrier-Polak, Meyer 7
2009 The Basics of Divorce Law for Non-Lawyers Jan White, Pamela Pacetti, Albert Bonin, Theresa Mihalik 3
2009 Parenting Coordination: Helping High Conflict Parents Resolve Disputes Joan B. Kelly 13
2009 Multi-Jurisdictional Parenting Coordination Conference Deutsch, Berman, Hass and Hembree 7
2009 Mulit-Jurisdictional Parenting Coordination Conference: Practice, Research and the Interface Between Psychology and the Law Shirley Ann Higuchi, JD and Robin Deutsch 6.5
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