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Charlie Rowan, (Lawyer/Mediator)

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Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours Action
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative,professional coach training
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)


Charlie Rowan, (Lawyer/Mediator)



Charlie Rowan has practiced law in the dispute resolution field since 1981, following his judicial clerkship with the late Honorable Howard F. Corcoran, United States District Judge for the District of Columbia. Charlie is a Martindale AV rated attorney, the highest available peer rating for ethics and legal ability. Charlie has successfully represented many clients in settlement negotiations and mediation, including, in addition to domestic relations matters, many multi-million dollar commercial and environmental disputes. Since 2013, Charlie has also been a mediator and has mediated many divorce, custody, alimony, child-support, and property-division matters. He is a Virginia Certified Family Mediator, having been certified by the Judicial Council of Virginia (an office of the Supreme Court of Virginia) to mediate the most complex family cases, including divorces. Charlie received his first Collaborative Practice training in February 2014.

Collaborative Practice Group Membership

Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia

Collaborative Services

Before starting a Collaborative process, please satisfy yourself that the skills and experience of the practitioners are a good fit for you and ask if they follow and meet the IACP Ethical and Practitioner Standards. IACP does not verify the information provided by the practitioners listed.



District of Columbia Bar (1980)
Virginia State Bar (1981)
Professional Degree: Doctor of Jurisprudence ,J.D.

Professional Activities

Member, Fairfax (Virginia) Bar Association — ADR Section (Member, Past Chair); Family Law Section
Member, American Bar Association — Family Law Section
Member, Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia
Member, Virginia Collaborative Professionals
Member, Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence
Member, International Association of Collaborative Professionals


Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
2014 Collaborative Divorce Three-Day Team Training CPTI - Marshall Yoder, J.D., Kimberly Fauss, J.D., Lisa Schenkel, J.D., Cheryl Watson Smith, J.D., Sanford Cassel, Ph.D., Adele D'Ari, Ed.D., Gigi Robson, CDFA 20.5
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
2013 Basic Divorce Mediation Carl Schneider, Ph. D. & Eileen Coen, J.D. 40
Additional 15 hours Intermediate/ Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative, or basic professional coach training
2018 Continuing Mediator Training Peter Buchbauer, Lisa Herrick, Jeannette Twomey, Dnny Burk, Marshall Yoder 8
2013 Resolving Economic Issues in Divorce James Pope, Jeannette Twomey, Stan Corey 12
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
2023 Tuning In, Speaking Up: Being Brave in Collaborative Meetings Lisa Herrick 1.5
2023 Drafting Effective Parenting Plans Lynn Hawkins, Theresa Mihalik, Jennifer Bradley, Michelle Bieber, Tashina Gorgone, Attorneys 1.5
2022 Understanding the Five Conflict Modes at Play in Our Mediation and Collaborative Cases Jonathan Kales, Amy Kales, Donne Colton 1.5
2022 Tools to Prevent Microaggressions Daniel Berstein, MS (Public Health) 2.0
2022 Targeted Tools to Resolve Complex Collaborative Impasses Carl Mitlehner, CFP®, Sue Soler, LCSW, and Jennifer Bradley, JD 1.0
2022 Better Mortgage Outcomes for Divorce Clients Bridget McGee, CMA, CDLP; Debbie May, CPA, CFP, CDFA 1.5
2021 Understanding Domestic Violence and the Challenges in Getting It Right Viola Vaughan-Eden, Ph.D 1.5
2021 Transform Them - Strategies to See Clearly Through Difficult States Jonathan Foust 1.5
2021 The Flexible Potential of the Child Specialist Role Lisa Herrick, Natalie Goldberg 1.5
2020 The New Normal CPNV: Steve Goldman & Patrice Garver 1.5
2020 Introduction to Conflict Coaching Kim Kristensen 2.0
2020 DRS Mediator Ethics Course Mandy Sarkissian 6.0
2019 UCLA Coming to Virginia Soon?! Karen Keyes & Teresa Cole 1.5
2019 The Space Between (How to Work With Clients Between Collaborative Meetings) Adele D'Ari, Andrea Hirsch, Paul Smollar 1.0
2019 Seven Crucial Questions for Mediation Stephan Carrier, J.D., Mediator 2.0
2019 ASD/Neuro-diversity in the Family: How to Better Understand the Neuro-diverse Adult Client (and Their Neuro-diverse Children) Jamell White, Ph.D. 1.5
2018 Working Creatively with Conflict Debbie Beach, Patrice Garver, and Debbie Nackman 1
2018 Resolving Conflicts Without Litigation - What You Need to Know Christine Hissong, Lorraine Nordland, David Schell, Colleen Cramer, Tina Spurlock 4.5
2018 Creative “Out-of-Court’ Process Options: How to Keep Our Work Effective and Ethical? Debbie May CPA, CFP®, CDFA®, Sue Soler LCSW-C, LICSW, Suzy Eckstein JD 1
2018 Collaborative TEAM protocols: How the TEAM establishes an environment of thinking and reasoning Christine Hissong and Mary Szpanka 1
2018 Avoiding Financial Errors in Divorce Settlement Adam Morgan, CFP, CDFA, MBA 1
2018 And They Lived Happily Ever After… Carol Miller, Ph.D, J. Christopher Brown, Elizabeth Gray, Steve Metzler 1
2017 When Things Hit the Fan: Honesty after Adverse Events in Healthcare Haavi Morriem, JD, PhD, Sarah Armstrong, RN, JD, Linda Kenny 1
2017 Avoiding Unintentional Consequences in Drafting Mediated Agreements Mitchell Broudy, J.D. 3.5
2016 The Power of Empathy in Conflict Resolution I was the instructor. 1.5
2016 Preparing Memoranda & Agreements Kathey Foskett 4
2016 New Approaches to Alimony & Support Paul Smoller & Adele D'Ari 1
2016 Mediating Complex and Multi-party Civil Cases James Pope & James Meditz 8
2016 Insights & Lessons from a Collaborative Practitioner Grant Moher -
2016 Get It In Writing: Scrivener Skills for Mediators Ken Rosenbaum 1.5
2016 Facilitation & Group Consensus Building Tracey Cairnie 16
2016 Better Formed Questions for Seeking Solutions Tracey Cairnie 1.5
2015 Unconscious Bias Eric Peterson 1.5
2015 Unbelievable Stories about Avoiding, Breaking and Surviving Impasse Skip Mertz, Paula Young, Jeffrey Molenda 2
2015 Searching for (and Selling) Peace in an Adversarial World Justin Corbett 1.5
2015 Preparing for Conflict: What Business Leaders and Lawyers Need to Know About Dispute Resolution and Dispute-Related Contract Clauses I was the instructor, w/Nancy W. Greenwald & David A. Hirsch 2
2015 Mediators in the Fishbowl (Live Mediation Role Play Demonstration) John Fiske, Bill Eddy, Stacey Langenbahn, Virginia Colin 1.75
2015 Mediating High-Conflict Disputes Bill Eddy 2
2015 Marriage Mediation John Fiske, J.D., Mediator 1
2015 Integrated Mediation: How to Use the tools in the Toolbox Robert Bordett & Marsha Schectman 1.5
2015 Expanding Your Practice to Include Elder (Adult Family) Mediation Crystal Thorpe 1.5
2015 Anger and ADR: Losing One's Temper, Finding One's Temper Candice Allgaier 1.5
2014 Co-Mediating Effectively: Going Beyond the Process James Meditz & Julia Morelli 1.5
2013 Orientation to the Virginia Legal System James Pope, Attorney 4
2013 Mediate Your Life (Mediation & Communication Using the Principles of Nonviolent Communication) John Kinyon, Ike Lasater 24
2013 Domestic Abuse & Mediation Shannon Sneary, Virginia Certified Mentor & Mediator 8
2013 Child Access Mediation Workshop Carl Schneider 20
2013 Building a Better Mediator: Enhanced Learning Through Giving and Receiving Feedback Tara Taylor & Toby Guerin 1.5
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