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Elizabeth Pendzich, (Lawyer)

   17A Royal Street SE
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Professional Activities

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Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours Action
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative,professional coach training
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)


Elizabeth Pendzich, (Lawyer)



My goal is to provide sensitive and respectful service to each client based on your individual and family interests, needs and goals. Family law – especially separation and divorce – are difficult, painful and stressful times for you and I strive to provide a safe and caring environment in which to resolve the issues you face. I have extensive litigation experience with family law issues and will litigate, if necessary. But I prefer to use the collaborative process to resolve separations and divorces. I have a special interest in gray divorces – couples married over 20 years and over 50 years old. My goal is to help you through a major loss and to imagine options for a better future. The most successful divorce is the one in which you have a vision of where you want to go and your desire to use the divorce process to move toward that goal. The collaborative process is based on an agreement between the spouses, not to litigate, to totally disclose needed information, and to make decisions as a team. The team is composed of clients and professionals: lawyers, mental health coaches, and financial neutrals. The collaborative process allows for and encourages creative solutions to your separation and divorce issues. Please contact me to explore the best resolution options for your unique situation.

Collaborative Practice Group Membership

Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia

Collaborative Services

Before starting a Collaborative process, please satisfy yourself that the skills and experience of the practitioners are a good fit for you and ask if they follow and meet the IACP Ethical and Practitioner Standards. IACP does not verify the information provided by the practitioners listed.



Licensed in Virginia - 1985
Licensed in Illinois - 1978 ,J.D.

Professional Activities

Virginia Women Attorneys Association - President, Loudoun Chapter
Virginia State Bar Association
Family Law Section Virginia State Bar Association
Loudoun County Bar Association

Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
2010 Colloborative Divorce Team Building CPTI- Morrison, Stickley 20
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
2010 Interest Based Negotiation CPTI- Morrison, Schenkel 30
Additional 15 hours Intermediate/ Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative, or basic professional coach training
2012 Fees and the Collaborative Process Debbie May, CPA/Jan White, JD 1
2011 Navigating Emotional Currents: Delving Beneath the Surface of the Collaborative Process Kate Scharff, LSW, LCSW-C, LICSW & Lisa Herrick, Ph.D. 3
2011 Legal, Financial & Psychological Concerns for Military Personnel and their Families Teresa S. Cole, Esq. 1
2010 The Invisible Children: Bringing the Voices of Adult Children into the Collaborative Process Lauren Behrman, PhD, Allison Bell, PhD 1.5
2010 Minding Your Collaborative Business Ronald D. Ousky, JD 1.5
2010 From Grievance to Agreement: Adding Forgiveness Practices to our Colloborative Toolbox Ann Buscho, Ph.D. 5
2010 Collaborating the Late-Life Divorce Janice L. Green, JD, Kristen Algert, JD 1.5
2010 Bargaining with the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight Robert Mnookin, JD 1
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
2021 VA's UCLA Jennifer Bradley, Ann W White, Karen Keyes 1.5
2021 Hold onto your hats: Strategies for streamling Coll Practice Jennifer Bradley, Lynn Fletcher, Natalie Goldberg 1.5
2021 Beyond Spreadsheets and Cash Flow Debi May and Robin Taub 1.5
2020 Yikes-My Client is Recently Sober: Integrating substance abuse recover into a parenting plan CPNV: Natalie Goldberg & George Young 1.5
2020 CPNV During Covid Impacts & Opportunity Lisa Herrick, Sue Solar, Natalie Goldberg 1.5
2020 Addressing Full Disclosure of Ambiguous Adultry Steve Goldman & David Ginsberg 1.5
2019 Women and Financial Wellness Paul Smolar & Adele D'Ari 1.5
2019 UCLA Coming to Virginia Soon? Teresa Cole, JD & Karen Keyes, JD 1.5
2019 The Space Between Paul Smollar & Adele D'Ari 1.5
2019 The Favored Parent Patrice Garver and Lynn Hawkins 1.5
2019 Difficult Moments in Collab Cases Jennifer Bradley 1.5
2019 A Collaborative Case Study Lisa Herrick, Ph.D., Lynn Fletcher, JD & Jennifer Bradley, JD 1.5
2018 Working Creatively with Conflict Debbie Beach, LCSW, Patrice Garver, PhD and Debbie Nackman, PhD 1.5
2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Mary E. Szpanka, CPA 2
2018 Spiritual Journeys in a Material World Lawrence Gaughn 1.5
2018 Psychology of Money - Behavioral Finance Erica Schliefman 1.5
2018 Nuts and Bolts of Collaborative Process Christine Hissong 1.5
2018 Negotiation Patrice Garver, Debbie Beach, Debra Nackman 1.5
2018 Financial Errors of Divorce Adam Morgan 1.5
2018 Divorce Through the Developmental Lens Lisa Herrick & Kate Schraff 1
2018 Creative Out of Court Process Options Sue Soler, Suzy Eckstein, Debbie May 1.5
2018 And They Lived Happily Ever After Carol Miller, PhD, J. Christopher Brown, Jr., CFP, Elizabeth Gray, Esq. Steve Metzler 1
2017 What Does Neutrality Look Like? Lisa Herrick, PhD, Natalie Goldberg, LCSW 1
2017 Valuation in Collaborative Divorce J. Bradley, E. Schliefman, M. Vogel 1
2017 Driving at the End of Your Hood Patrice Garver, PhD, Erika Schliefman, CFP CDFA, and Michael McHugh, J.D. 1
2017 Creating the Conditions for Growth As We Help Our Clients Navigate Separation and Divorce Lisa Herrick and Kate Scharff 6
2017 Collaborative Marketing Tactics Larry Rockwell 1
2017 CPNV Marketing Principles Larry Rockwell 1
2016 The Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) in Virginia - Should we Care? Jan White & Kathleen O'Brien 1
2016 The Power of Empathy in Conflict Resolution (CPNV) Charlie Rowan 1
2016 Round Table Discussion: Marketing Collaborative (CPNV) Grant Moher, Hayden Lee & Phyllis Palombi 1
2016 Motivational Interviewing and Collaborative Divorce Natalie Goldberg & Evan Marks 1
2016 Discernment Counseling Rona Hilton-Mason 1
2016 Collaborative Family Law: What is it? (VWAA) I was the instructor (of 30 minute segment) 1
2015 Working with Families with Special Needs Children (CPNV) Lou Nuzzo, Esq. 1
2015 What Are Our Collaborative Principles? (CPNV) Carol Miller & Lynn Fletcher 1
2015 Discuss Affirmation of Core Collaborative Priciples and Highlights from IACP Forum - roles of Coaches and Child Specialists following the finalization of a Collaborative divorce (CPNV) Lynn Fletcher 1
2015 Delving into the Heart of Conflict (CPNV) Barbara Burr, Lisa Herrick & Paul Smollar 1
2015 A program on Collaborative Premarital Agreements (CPNV) Michael McHugh, Esq. 1
2015 A program on Collaborative Premarital Agreements (CPNV) Michael McHugh, Esq 1
2014 Your Professional Profile Should Communicate You Commitment to the Collaborative Process Grant Moher 1
2014 The Seven Structural Elements of Successful Marriages Larry Gaughan 1
2014 Qualifying for a Mortgage (CPNV monthly meeting) Margie Hofberg 1.25
2014 Decision Support Negotiations: The Power of Team Alignment (CPNV) Kimberly J. Fauss 1
2014 Collaborative Practice & the Human Brain Pauline Tesler, JD 6
2014 Adult Attachment Style During Separation & Divorce Yuval Berger, MSW, RSW and Lisa Alexander, B.A., LLB 4.5
2013 Understanding Alcohol and Drug Addictions in the Collaborative Process Jan Beauregard, LPC, CSAC, CSAT 1
2013 The Meaning of Money Rona B. Hitlin-Mason, LPC 1
2013 The Impact of Divorce on Young Children: Separating the Myths from the Truths Lisa Herrick, Ph.D. 1
2013 The Collaborative Gray Divorce Elizabeth Pendzich, Adele D'Ari, Mary Szpanka 1
2013 Property Division in Virginia Divorce Grant Moher, Esq/Michael McHugh 1
2013 Bradenburg, Keeling and Application to the Division of Grant Moher and Michael McHugh 1
2012 Working Mixed Orientation Couples in Collaborative Divorce Kimberly Brooks, LPC 1
2012 Updates on Collaborative Protocols Paul R Smollar, Esq/Jan White, Esq/Susan Butler, Esq 1
2012 The Infinity Loop Lisa Herrick, PhD/Adele D'Ari, PhD 1
2012 The Collaborative Practice Roadshow CDRP 3
2012 Talking About Collaborative in Different Contexts Lynn Fletcher, Esq 1
2012 Roadblocks to Financial Resolutions in Collaborative Cases Debbie May, CPA, CFP, CDFA/Gail Robinson, CDFA, CPA/Lonnie Broussard, CDFA, CFP 1
2012 Navigating Asset Valuation Pitfalls Erika Schleifman, CPA/Carl Mitlehner, CDFP 1
2012 Low-Bono and Pro-Bono Collaborative Practice Andrea Hirsch, Esq 1
2012 Growth Through Case Conflict I was instructor/Carol Miller, PhD/Lynn Fletcher, Esq 1
2011 Preventing Real Property Pitfalls in Divorce: Whether the House is Kept or Sold Kelly Lise Murray, J.D. 2
2011 Challenges in the Collaborative Process - VaCP Conference Dana Kogan, MD/Viola Vaughan-Eden, PhD/Marie Donlan, LMFT, CSAC 2
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