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Susan Buniva, (Mental Health Professional)

   9243 Cerulean Pl
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Professional Activities

Current Prior

Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours Action
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative,professional coach training
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)


Susan Buniva, (Mental Health Professional)



A collaborative approach to divorce allows us to honor the importance of our relationships and our own truth. We will work as a team to ensure that this process will embody integrity and a compassionate approach to ourselves and each other. In this spirit, we will work on communication skills and management of the overwhelming feelings caused by divorce so that you can effectively meet the goals you establish for your family and move beyond the divorce with insight and skills to sustain growth for all individuals in the family.

Collaborative Practice Group Membership

Collaborative Professionals of Richmond

Collaborative Services

As an individual and family therapist for more than 30 years I bring a wealth of professional experience and clinical skills to our time together. But perhaps more important, is my experience as a mother and divorce survivor. My work is informed by deep empathy and compassion for the trauma experienced by all family members and a passion about helping families maintain the autonomy to make the choices that best meet the needs of their family by staying out of court. Together we will create a safe and collegial atmosphere that allows you to do your best work and incorporate the skills and tools you will need to reshape your family.




Professional Activities

Membership Committee of Collaborative Professionals of Richmond

Committee member reviewing all workshop proposals for 2010 International Conference of IACP.
Former Treasurer of Virginia Sciety of Clinical Social Workers
Former Co-Chair of Colaborative Professionals of Richmond
Graduate of IACP Leadership Academy
Member of CPR Marketing Committee
Ethics Committee NASW- VA

Collaborative Practice Training

Year Course Title Instructor Hours
Basic/ Introductory Collaborative Law or Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Training.
2009 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training, Basic and Advanced Gamache, McCollam, and Wolff 20
30-Hr Interest-Based Negotiation & Mediation Skills
2007 Conflict Resolution and Alternatives to Violence RPEC 40
Additional 15 hours Intermediate/ Advanced interest-based negotiation, communication skills, collaborative, or basic professional coach training
2011 Navigating Emotional Currents: Delving Beneath the Surface of Collaborative Practice (VaCP) Scharff & Herrick 2.5
2011 Preventing Real Property Pitfalls in Divorce: Whether the House is Kept or Sold (VaCP) Murray 2.5
2011 Educational Meetings of CPR(collaborative Professionals of Richmond) varied 5
2010 The Invisible Children: Bringing the Voices of Adult Children into the Collaborative Process Behrman and Bell 1.5
2010 Not Your Average Parenting Plan: Navigating the Emotional Dynamics Herrick and Scharff 1.5
2010 Layers of Negotiation: Finding Peace in the Process Smith and Solomon 1.5
2010 Deepening Collaborative Connections: The Spiritual Dimensions of Trust, Commitment and Competency Webb, Brakeley,and Tull 1.5
Annual 4 hours collaborative continuing education (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
2024 Tax Traps in Divorce and How to Avoid Them Collaborative Clubhouse: Jane O. Rowny, CDFA®, CFP®, CPA .75
2023 Webinar: Spreading Collaborative Through Social Media Haggerty 1
2023 Webinar: Navigating Emotional Currents of Collaborative Divorce: An introduction to Central Concepts Kate Scharf and Lisa Herrick 1
2023 We have a Diagnosis. Now what? Susan Buniva and Sandy Cassel 1
2023 Trauma-Responsive Collaborative Practice (16th VaCP) 11-13-23 Dana Baerger, J.D., Ph.D. 6
2023 The Graying of Divorce Susan Buniva 1
2023 Taxes and Divorce Sally Mullins 1
2023 Parent Team Idaho Professionals 1
2023 May 17, 2023 Webinar: How We Can Help LGBTQI Families Kathy Campbell et al 1
2023 IACP Standards and Ethics Webinar: Beyond Ethics: Minimum Standards for Collaborative professional. A. Cordover and others 1.5
2023 IACP Standards & Ethics Webinar: Beyond Ethics: Minimum Standards for Collaborative Professional IACP 1.5
2023 Webinar: Strategies When Working with a Merlin and Stern 1
2022 Understanding Full Disclosure and Transparency CPR: Stephanie Smith 1
2022 The Use of Child Specialists in the Collaborative Process VaCP Clubhouse: SusanVaCP Clubhouse: I was presenter with Barbara ter Haar LCSW, and Lynne Einhaus, Ph.D. 1
2022 Overview of the Financial Panel's Neutral Role in Collaborative Cases CPR Financial Neutrals 1
2022 Factors Affecting Minor and Adult Children's Adjustment to Parental Separation and Divorce Carol Hughes 1
2022 Case Conference CPR 1
2022 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words, But a Book Beats All Jenkins, Haggerty,Hughes, and Buniva 3
2021 rrg Ethics NASW 3
2021 Understanding Aging Sarah Gilliand, LCSW 2
2021 Stigmas: Gaining More Awareness of What We Might Not Know CPR: Annette Graham, Barbara Picard and Lynne Einhaus 1
2021 Professional Ethics Mary Alice Fisher, Ph.D. 3
2021 Partition Suits and Collaborative Cases Charles Gavin 1
2021 Integrative Approach with Janina Fisher Janina Fisher, Ph.D. 26.2
2021 How To Bring In the Other Side When They Resist Forrest (Woody) Molsten 2
2021 Getting Ready New Normal NASW 3
2021 Ethics with David Boern VSCSW 3
2020 Working at Home IACP Webinar 1.25
2020 Radical Compassion F. Ostaeseki 3
2020 Myth of the Unitary Self G. Mate and R. Schwartz 2.25
2020 Multi-National Family Law Cases CPR: M. Kucinski 1
2020 Marketing Collaboration Robson 1
2020 Managing Healthcare Expenses in Retirement CPR:Tyler Dove 1
2020 IFS in Action R. Schwartz 5.75
2020 IFS and Anxiety R. Schwartz 1
2020 Ethics Mary Alice Fisher 3
2020 Ethics D. Hobdy 1.5
2020 Collaborative Success Stories CPR: Cassel 1
2020 Collaborative During Coronoavirus: Challenges and Opportunities FACP Webinar 1
2020 Attract Clients by Boosting Your Online Presence IACP Webinar 1
2020 2019 Forum Stu Webb Lecture with Dr. David Campt IACP Webinar 1.25
2019 What\'s IACP Got To Do With It? Chris Farish, JD .5
2019 Transgender Emergence Lev 1.5
2019 Social Media Marketing Tip Bandis 1
2019 Savvy Social Security Planning Dole 1
2019 Role of MHP\'s in the Collaborative Process Cassel 1
2019 Internal Family Systems Schwartz and Anderson 13.75
2019 Increasing Importance in Motivational Interviewing - 2
2019 Immigration Evaluations King 1
2019 Efficiently Promoting Forgiveness Everett Worthington 2
2019 Core Concepts of Motivational Interviewing Victor Yalom 2.25
2019 Collaborative Boot Camp: An Experiential Day of Refining Skills and Deepening Team Cohesion (12th 11-11-19) Barbara Burr, JD & Lisa Herrick, PhD 5.5
2019 Case Conference with CPR ter Haar and Buniva 1
2019 Case Conference with CPR n/a 1
2019 Behavioral Finances CPR: Susan Buniva & Sandy Cassel 1
2019 Behavioral Finance Buniva and Cassel 1
2019 Becoming Financially Whole After Divorce Herlick 1
2018 The Complicated Marriage of Family Law & Estate Planning and Estate Law Scott Stovall, Esq. 1
2018 Protecting Ourselves & Our Clients from Identity Theft Bryant Harrison 1
2018 Mindfulness Presentation Susan Warner 1
2018 Men and Women in Love: Transforming Modern Couples in Therapy Terry Real 5
2018 Lo Bono Case Conference Sandy Cassel 1
2018 Intersection of the Property Settlement Agreement & the Parenting Plan, Part 2 Mary Owens, Will Fitzhugh, Sandy Cassel & Annelise Petry 1
2018 Ethical Issues in Clinical Social Work James Levinson 2
2017 The Psychology of Money and its Relevance to Collaborative Process Paul Legrand 1
2017 The Non-Compliant Client (and how the team can help) Barbara Burr and Lisa Herrick 3
2017 The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy: Integrating Attachment, Differentiation and Neuroscience Ellen Bader 36
2017 Securing Collaborative Clients: Beyond the Elevator Pitch. An advanced Training Fauss, Robson, Cassel 7
2017 Resolving Emotionally Charged Conflicts Daniel Shapiro 1
2017 Melding Collaborative Law and Eldercaring Coordination for Our Oldest Population Robert Merlin and Linda Fieldstone 1.5
2017 Managing the Middle Class Matrimonial: Bolstering Collaborative Success Within Blue Collar Budgets Daniel Cantone et al 1.5
2017 Falling Out of the Collaborative Process CPR Case Conference 1
2017 Elder Care Lynn Hancock 1
2017 Creating the Conditions for Growth (As We Help Our Clients Navigate Separation and Divorce) Lisa Herrick, PhD and Kate Scharff, MSW 6
2017 Collaborative Cases that Struggle Sandy Cassel 1
2017 Clinical Implications and Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview Daniel Siegel 1.5
2017 Bringing Your Spouses Into the Collaborative Process Sandy Cassel 1
2017 An Expansive Vision of Collaborative Ethics David Hoffman 1.5
2016 Wanting Luskin 3
2016 Marketing the Synergy of the Collaborative Team Jenkins, Osborne, & Bellen 1.5
2016 Client Science for Collaborative Professionals: Client Interviewing and Decision-Making Through Bad News and Other Legal Realities Marjorie C. Aaron 4
2016 Challenge of Teams Burger and Cameron 6
2016 Benefits and Challenges of Being and/or Using Allied Professionals Small don and Zumpano 1.5
2015 VaCP 8th Annual Conference Rancher, Macturk, Nelson, Simek 6
2015 Sherlock Holmes, Escher, Bach: Authentic Presence and the Art of Seeing Porter, Galimberti-Rennie 1.5
2015 Mental Health Professionals: Taking Charge of Your Practice Direnfeld 1.5
2015 MHP Single Coach Model Collaborative Training Roberts 7
2015 Introducing TIM, 25 Years in the Making: How Transparency, Intention, and Mindfulness Influence Your CP Shudder, Sulkowski 3
2015 Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict Hicks 1.5
2015 Building Secure Attachment: Integrating Self-Compassion, Self-Awarenes, and Mindfulness Becker-Phelps 6
2015 21st Century Power: Principles, Practices, and Positive Social Change Kilter 1
2014 Understanding Attachment Styles and its Application in Collaborative Divorce Cases Yuval Berger MSW, RSW and Lisa Alexander, B.A. LL.B 7
2014 Refresher on the Collaborative Process Fauss, Robson, and Cassel 1
2014 Paying it Forward I was the instructor. 1.5
2014 Leadership Academy Parts 2 and 3 Cameron and Lucas 20
2014 False Harmony in Collaborative Teams Solomon. Arons, and Martell 3
2014 Behavioral Finance for Collaborative Professionals I was the instructor. 1
2014 Aptitudes and Attitudes Fauss, Robson, and Roberts 6
2014 - Group discussion 1
2013 Leadership Academy Nancy Caqmeron & Anne Lucas 12
2013 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice for Trusts and Estates Nobler & Ross 3
2013 Collaborative Advanced Training: Interest Based Negotiations in a Neuroscience Comtext Fauss, Morrison, Cassel, Robson 6
2013 A Collaborative Life: The integration of Collaborative Practice Webb, Brakeley, & Tull 1.5
2012 Working with Trauma and Attachment Theory Sampson 6.5
2012 Values, Money, and Law in Collaborative Practice Tesler 8
2012 VaCP Conference Assorted 6
2012 The Role of Values in Collaborative Practice Fauss/ Petry 4
2012 Insights From Financial Experts Panel 1
2012 Cultural/Systemic Approaches to Family Systems I was instructor 1
2012 Collaborative Roadshow DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals 2
2012 Collaborative Conversations on Support Broussard, Fauss, D\'Ari, Smoller 6
2011 Why Collaborative Practice Works Neuroscience tools and techniques Fauss 6
2009 Virginia Family Law Kimberly Fauss 4
2009 Practical Psychopharmacology G. Shankar 6
2009 Basic Mediation Skills Ervin Mast 20
2007 Mindfulness and the Body in Experiential Psychotherapy Gregory Johnson 12
2007 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Michelle Washington 6
2006 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium varied 11
2006 Acceptance and Commitment Theraoy Steven Hayes 6
2005 Practical Spirituality for Healing and Wholeness Joan Borysenko 12
2005 Erotic Intelligence: Reconciling Sensuality and Domesticity Esther Perel 6
2003 Mentor Coach: Coaching for Clinicians Dean 8
2003 Current Issues in Nutrition and Health Glen Gaesser 6
2002 Managing the Physiology and Psychology of Compulsive Behavior Rick Glantz 6
2002 Child Without a Conscience Teresa Brewer 7
2000 Family Therapy Network Symposium varied 8
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